Are there religions in Panem?

I was just wondering…

Did they mention any religion in the trilogy of Hunger Games?

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I wish Suzanne Collins would write THG Short Stories about: * Panem: A History; * The Arena in the Making; * 1st Ever Hunger Games; * 2nd Quarter Quell: Starring Haymitch Abernathy; * Finnick and Annie’s Life & Love Story; * Hunger Games on Gale’s POV; * Peeta’s Struggle in the Capitol; * Background Stories of Cinna, President Snow and Rue; * The life of Cato in District 2; * Before the Games: 74th Hunger Games Tributes’ Background Check; *The Capitol: Lifestyle, Entertainment and Fashion; *Panem Folktales & Songs;

There’s a 1% chance of her writing even one of these stories. She’s not the kind of author who would easily write short stories about her previous books just to woe her fans. She likes to keep her books a mystery wherein the reader could freely think of endless possibilities and could come up with crazy theories.

It’s not bad to wish anyways…

But if ever she does write at least one of these, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.


Give me a famous person or fictional character and I’ll put him/her in his/her perfect THG District.

Give me something to do.



Donald Sutherland is President Snow.

Donald Sutherland is President Snow.


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 So many people living in Panem… What do you call the people who live in Panem? Panemians? Panem People? Panemdwellers? Panemos? Panemans? Panemish???

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How I imagined “District 12” of The Hunger Games…

District 12, Coal Mines

District 12, Gale & Katniss’ Forest

District 12, Mellark Bakery

District 12, Reaping at the Square

District 12, Seam

District 12, Victor’s Village

District 12, The Hob

And I’ll include The Capitol



-Including all the Districts and the Capitol :]


-Including all the Districts and the Capitol :]


Panem (Quick Summary of the Districts)

District 1
Product: Luxury Items
Product: Where Peace Keepers Come from, Nuclear Weapons
District 3
Product: Electronics
District 4
Product: Fishes
District 5
Product: Unknown
District 6
Product: Unknown
District 7
Product: Timber, Paper
District 8
Product: Textiles, Factories
District 9
Product: Unknown
District 10
Product: Livestock
District 11
Product: Agriculture
District 12
Product: Coal
District 13
Product: mined graphite and worked in nuclear technology (Before)
The Leader of all the Districts :| The evil place where all the hardwork of the Districts go to :))

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